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Nan Pao International Biotech. Co., Ltd. was established in 1975, and was the first spirulina farm in Southern Taiwan.


Nan Pao International Biotech. Co., Ltd., the father of spirulina
Dr. Qingyun Huangtang is the founder of Nan Pao International Biotech. Co., Ltd. He was born in Tainan and his father was a famous local Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. However, instead of following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Qingyun Huangtang aimed to benefit more people through modernized techniques.



Dr. Watanabe (left) and
Dr. Clement (right)

Dr. Qingyun Huangtang discovered an ancient organism – spirulina, possessing abundant nutritional value, in references when he was talking to an Emeritus Professor of Tokyo University, Dr. Atsushi Watanabe, who was also a microbiologist. After doing some research, he found that his hometown, Tainan, Taiwan, provided a perfect spirulina cultivation environment. Thereafter, his life began to be closely linked with spirulina; he began to develop and study spirulina cultivation.


Under the effort of the Nan Pao Biotech team, the original 1 c.c. spirulina culture is now available as a result of professional production technology. Countless awards have been received for the spirulina quality and international accreditations are being processed. The spirulina production technology is heading overseas as part of this new trend.